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Get a FREE rental analysis on your rental property

Get a FREE rental analysis on your rental property

Preventing Do-It-Yourself “Improvements” Gone Wrong at Your Hanover County Rental Property

Hanover County Tenants Making Messes While Renovating Your Rental PropertyDo-it-yourself home improvements are all the craze nowadays. Reality shows and social media have encouraged all kinds of people to undertake and remodel or repair the interior of their homes unaided. Regrettably, this craze isn’t just favored with homeowners, but among renters as well. While landlords will always pick a tenant who will oversee their rental home as if it were their own property, some renters take it too far. With a few proactive approaches, Hanover County property owners can prevent unwanted tenant “improvements” and maintain their rental homes in good shape.

When it comes to crafting home improvements, the kitchen and bathroom are the standard aims. Thousands of popular videos present passionate do-it-yourselfers how to decorate cabinets, modify faucets and hardware, and swap light fixtures. Many developments in these rooms also comprise tile backsplashes and brightly painted walls. When accomplished appropriately, these forms of minor remodels can give rise to unique interior spaces.

The setback is that normal interiors do nothing to embellish your property’s value. Actually, if your tenant does a defective job of their corrections, your property value could even decline. Like if your tenant resolves to attach wallpaper in the living room, they could not only ruin the painted walls underneath but also produce a wall-to-wall blight that will be exorbitant to repair.

Because what one person likes may not be the same for someone else, interiors can sorely dictate your ability to rent the home to a new tenant. An accent wall in fuchsia may look alluring to your present renter, but someone else may not find it fascinating. In fact, if your tenant hurts themselves or disfigures the home’s plumbing or electrical systems while doing repairs, that will create a new set of obstacles. If they manage to crack a pipe or incorrectly connect the fittings while altering a bathroom faucet, you may be tidying up leaks and mending water damage that should have not happened in the first place.

While infrequent small tasks can and should be anticipated of a renter, upkeep or the remodeling of any of the home’s lasting features should be discouraged in the lease. Another proactive scheme is to accomplish regular property evaluations, something that Real Property Management Richmond Metro provides to all of our property owners in Hanover County and the surrounding areas. We will keep your rental home in check, assuring the tenant is keeping the property in the good condition and directly managing any tenant requests for advancements or fixes. Contact us online or call us at 804-417-7005 to see what we can do for you.

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